domingo, diciembre 03, 2017

Porque me siento rara vol.49 - Smog

"That record is half on four-track, and half in a studio. It was kind of strange to have someone else there. And the engineer was this portly, ruddy, miserable blob. He had this six-pack of beer he was just guzzling. He didn’t share them, no, I brought my own. I just had to go for it, and try to block out all that stuff. I went out on my first tour in ’92, too, and I remember I closed my eyes and went through a song for the sound-check. And I opened them, and the engineer had left. That was the same important realisation – that no-one cared, except me.
When I started out I wanted to make music that would just happen this one time and be caught on tape, and that could never be repeated. Very immediate. Not a lot of words. The first three records were completely naïve. I didn’t understand about the balance of sound. All that stuff that people strive for. I had to learn… everything. I’m not too sure if it even helps to know how to make a record, actually."

(Complete in "Bill Callahan – Album By Album")


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