martes, diciembre 29, 2009

Porque me siento rara vol.17 - Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is a noise rock duo from Providence, Rhode Island, composed of Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals and Brian Gibson on bass guitar. The band met and formed in 1994, when the members of the then-trio attended the Rhode Island School of Design. The band signed to Load Records in 1997, and released their self-titled debut the same year. In total, Lightning Bolt has released five full-length albums, numerous vinyl singles, and appeared on several compilations.

Lightning Bolt are known for their guerrilla-style live performances, where they typically play on the ground rather than a stage, with the crowd gathered around them. The band's sound is typically loud and aggressive, though the group cites composers Philip Glass and Sun Ra as compositional influences.


miércoles, diciembre 23, 2009

Esto lo estoy tocando mañana #1 - Free Jazz (1961)

Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation is an album by jazz saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman, recorded in 1960. The original release embodied a painting by Jackson Pollock, on the front of the cover, and its title gave the name for the whole movement. It involves two separate quartets, one to each stereo channel; the rhythm sections play simultaneously, and though there is a succession of solos as is usual in jazz, they are peppered with freeform commentaries by the other horns that often turn into full-scale collective improvisation. The pre-composed material is a series of brief, dissonant fanfares for the horns which serve as interludes between solos. Not least among the album's achievements was that it was the first LP-length improvisation, nearly forty minutes in length, which was unheard of at the time.

The album was identified by Chris Kelsey in his Allmusic essay "Free Jazz: A Subjective History" as one of the 20 Essential Free Jazz Albums.[1] It served as the blueprint for later large-ensemble free jazz recordings such as John Coltrane's Ascension and Peter Brötzmann's Machine Gun.


"Johnny estaba en gran forma en esos días, y yo había ido al ensayo nada más que para escucharlo a él y también a Miles Davis. Todos tenían ganas de tocar, estaban contentos, andaban bien vestidos (de esto me acuerdo quizá por contraste, por lo mal vestido y lo sucio que anda ahora Johnny), tocaban con gusto, sin ninguna impaciencia, y el técnico de sonido hacia señales de contento detrás de su ventanilla, como un babuino satisfecho. Y justamente en ese momento, cuando Johnny estaba como perdido en su alegría, de golpe dejó de tocar y soltándole un puñetazo a no sé quién dijo: "Esto lo estoy tocando mañana", y los muchachos se quedaron cortados, apenas dos o tres siguieron unos compases, como un tren que tarda en frenar, y Johnny se golpeaba la frente y repetía: "Esto ya lo toqué mañana, es horrible, Miles, esto ya lo toqué mañana", y no lo podían hacer salir de eso, y a partir de entonces todo anduvo mal, Johnny tocaba sin ganas y deseando irse (a drogarse otra vez, dijo el técnico de sonido muerto de rabia), y cuando lo vi salir, tambaleándose y con la cara cenicienta, me pregunté si eso iba a durar todavía mucho tiempo(...)"

(El perseguidor de Julio Cortázar [Fragmento] )

sábado, diciembre 19, 2009

Porque me siento rara vol.16 - Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat was a band and a label that started his activities in 1982.

The recordings of "Le Syndicat" cover a period of 20 years, since the beginning of the years 80 until our days. It is impossible to associate such a period of activity to a style or to a particular movement especially because Le Syndicat is one of these voluntarily independent entities that also draw its creative energy in the refusal of the conventions and movements.


martes, diciembre 08, 2009

Rectum - abomination&love (2009)

Industral / IDM / Abstract / Noise


miércoles, diciembre 02, 2009

Porque me siento rara vol.15 - Deerhoof

Deerhoof is a San Francisco musical group, currently consisting of Satomi Matsuzaki (usually vocals and bass), John Dieterich (usually guitar), Ed Rodriguez (usually guitar as well) and Greg Saunier (usually drums).