domingo, julio 09, 2017

Porque me siento rara vol.48 - Alva Noto

"originals are unique. whether they be genetic codes, documents, or electronic image and sound files. their copies are simply a means of distribution. today we are preoccupied with protecting these originals from misuse, whilst the essence and potential of the copy is generally disregarded.

in our world of constant reproduction the immeasurable number of multiplied images corroborate the original. the copy assumes its Independence and its own value. the replication equals the original, which as an icon becomes abstract and virtual.

via the technique of duplication the copy often contains mistakes and glitches that differ from the original. these simplifications and deformations lead to a gradual loss of the copy's relationship to the original and can result in a substantial change in meaning.

although elements of the source remain, the original message dissolves amongst the white noise of reproduction. in the end the observer can barely recognize if the origin still forms a part of the information transferred. does an integral material component of the original remain or can this only be projected?

in the end the process of copying can itself become a creative tool which analytically generates something new. the mutating copy emerges as a new original and thereby provides space for development."


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