viernes, enero 29, 2010

Porque me siento rara vol.18 - Triosk meets Jan Jelinek


Sydney-based jazz trio Triosk and Jan Jelinek from Berlin have opened up a common equation. In musical terms, their joint album "1+3+1" does not make 5, but only one thing: sense. And the title reflects their production method: Jelinek mails selected samples and textures to Australia, Triosk use these as a basis for composition and recording, the enhanced material then returns to Berlin for Jelinek to finalise. But the mileage covered does not become audible. In fact, the origin of their music seems to be tied to the moment of synchrony, in this case "four different instruments multiplied by four different approaches make one sense", irrespective of causal or temporal interdependencies. This might make "Triosk meets Jan Jelinek" an alliance in entangled space (analogous to quantum physics), but it is the rarely audible magic of a resourceful crystalline musicality which fills the album with sophistication and clarity.


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