lunes, diciembre 26, 2016

Esto lo estoy tocando mañana #31 - Big Satan (1997)


"Some things, no matter how wild and lacking in discipline, just make sense. Big Satan’s sole album, I Think They Liked It Honey, is a perfect example of this. And before you get ahead of yourself, let’s establish what Big Satan is: modern saxophone genius Tim Berne, skronk-guitarist Marc Ducret, and drummer Tom Rainey (I ran out of superlatives, sorry.)

Big Satan ply their trade in the kind of jazz that defies description and quickly divides listeners into those who like improvisatory jazz and those who don’t. Those who don’t are missing out. While improv-based music has gotten a bad rap due to artists who use it as a canvas for laying out their every lick and riff, the best transcend the pure-blowing nature to make music on a different level – free from the constraints of melody and structure, yet interacting in melodic and structured ways that constantly shift and twist. There’s a sense that these players are connecting mentally, as no one is left behind and no one surges ahead – changes are made as a group with no hesitation. The pure joy these players exhibit in their individual playing is obvious from the moment the first notes of “Bobby Raconte une Histoire” skitter out of your speakers.

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Certifiablockhead dijo...

belleza de album...gracias...

tambien tienen uno en vivo doble de 1997 titulado Incognito, en el sello Screwgun Records, del que solo tengo el CD2, pero todo llega al que sabe esperar...saludos...