martes, agosto 23, 2016

Esto lo estoy tocando mañana #30 - Ornette Coleman (1959)

"Coleman's recording career during the '50s was short, consisting of a mere three albums with Atlantic, but it only took one to make his career legendary. His second album was titled The Question Is Tomorrow! and the saxophonist anticipated titling his third set Focus on Sanity. That wasn't good enough for producer Nesuhi Ertegun, who heard the future in Coleman's off-the-wall improvisations, and he pushed the star to consider the title The Sound of Jazz to Come, a statement answering the "question" posed by the title of the previous work. It was a bold title, and one that proved true. The album created an uproar in the industry, with both critics and performers either praising or lambasting the release with no middle ground. Among the most vocal critics was Miles Davis, who had recently released his iconic Kind of Blue album. Yet Coleman's sound pushed the jazz scene in such a direction that Davis formed his second quintet to reflect the sound pioneered by Coleman and Davis' former trainee, John Coltrane."

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