domingo, agosto 09, 2015

Porque me siento rara vol.45 - Sonic Youth

"What better source to turn to for the album's history than Thurston himself, whose liner notes are reproduced below. To expand on what he's written, I'll offer a few additional comments. The music was recorded in September and October 1986, between two American tours. Aside from its use within the film, it remained in the sonic vault until the band decided to release it in 1994 -- at this point, they offered a preview (simply titled "Made In USA [segment]") on a Bananafish compilation. This track follows the same theme used in "Moon in the Bathroom" "Lincoln's Gout" "Coughing Up Tweed" and others, but does not specifically appear on the soundtrack release (which makes me wonder how much other music was not included on the soundtrack!). The full soundtrack was released in early 1995 on Rhino records, on all formats (including clear vinyl in a plastic sleeve!). There was a "various artists" soundtrack release for the film when it was originally released, but SY's only contribution was the EVOL version of "Secret Girl" (and possibly "Tuck N Dar", I'm not sure). The music on Sonic Youth's soundtrack release remained untitled until 1994, at which point the band asked Byron Coley to title them at random, to which he gladly obliged."

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