lunes, junio 03, 2013

Porque me siento rara vol.38 - Organum

This was the first ever appearance of the name ‘Organum’. Black & white cover with an ‘X’ motif over scratched monoprint background. The word ‘Organum’ appears on the cassette spine. Track titles appear on the inside of the cover. The cassette is a standard Sony CHF C30 cassette tape with a small yellow, round label with the number n/100 on the bottom left of side A, where n is a number between 1 and 9. Originally 100 were intended, but the project only got as far as number 9. Just one copy was sold. Copy numbers 1 and 9 were used as the basis of Kanroku (see entry 1:11). The sounds were derived from 6 linked square-wave oscillators custommade by David Jackman. All sounds by David Jackman. The tapes were recorded on a stereo cassette deck and monitored using headphones.


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