sábado, mayo 19, 2012

Esto lo estoy tocando mañana #21 - Blowhole (1990)


Blowhole were a prolific and ever-rotating cast of characters spearheaded by Jeph Jerman who played Borbetomagus-style bludgeoning and scraping jazz of the free variety.  They released a steady stream of cassettes and LPs in the early-mid 90s of a consistently high quality.  Despite the shrinking or expanding size of the band or even the instrumentation, Blowhole had a style and a sound, marked by tight-rope improv and the layering of gunk and buzz, and while they never exactly became a household name there are countless examples today of the Blowhole steez (for example, the new Klangmutationen comes to mind), proving they were indeed ahead of their time.  Below find two tracks from the excellent 1990 LP Guerilla Jazz, including their nearly unrecognizable take on Ayler's "Ghosts".



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