lunes, abril 11, 2011

Porque me siento rara vol.28 - Andrew Pekler


Andrew Pekler was born in the Soviet Union, grew up in California and currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He has previous releases on the Scape and Staubgold labels. (...) 

Entanglements In The Orthopedic Sensorium began as a knitting together of unused odds and ends scattered across Pekler's hard drives, combining sketched recordings, unfinished ideas, previously unreleased material and soundtracks for theatre and dance. Despite the odds-and-ends background somewhere down the line this four-track album became something absorbingly well-executed. One of the first things to strike you about the record is how much it sounds as if it's been excavated from some library archive; in fact, within the breadth of a single composition Pekler juggles retro soundtrack-like fodder, early-electronics styled synthesis and tape cutting techniques. Moreover, there's a sense of dreamlike disrupted narrative that's perhaps not too distant a cousin from Broadcast & The Focus Group's Witch Cults Of The Radio Age album, almost inevitably bringing to mind all those buzzwords like 'hypnogogic' and 'hauntological', yet not without good cause.


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