lunes, mayo 05, 2008

Porque me siento rara vol.3 - Peter Brötzmann Sextet & Quartet

Recorded almost a year later than "Machine Gun" in 1969, the recording features a somewhat slimmer lineup (as opposed to the double rhythm section in MG), however, the usual suspects were present. Han Bennink (drums), Buschi Niebergal (bass), Evan Parker (tenor sax) with the addition of Derek Bailey on guitar were played on this obscured masterpiece. If "Machine Gun" sounded somewhat elementary with the ironic gestures of bossa nova, steady-rock-like riffing appeared here and there, then "Nipples" is a full-blossomed affair with group interaction with angular harmonic and melodic development without losing any if the intensity nor resorted to campy cliches. Brotzmann was at his ferocious best: the ecstatic screaming and overblowing with shards of overtones and harmonics and the bass and drums locked into a free, but never meandering groove. Bailey mostly disengaged in the louder passage, opting for the gentle conversation with Niebergal's basslines. The B-side of the original LP was a powerhouse quartet performance from the mainland Europeans called "Tell a Green Man), with less sprawling ambition, the tune was tightly focused of power and intense collective improvisation.


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