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Recuperando vinilos #12 - Revolting Cocks (1986)

After "Twitch", the sound of "Big Sexy Land", the first album from Revolting Cocks (here made up of Al Jourgensen, Front 242's Richard 23 and Luc Van Acker) makes sense. It's not inaccessible (indeed, much of it resembles Front 242), but it's a pretty menacing piece of Industrial Dance that has something of a sense of humor (the album title is kind of a giveaway that this isn't meant to be taken too seriously.)

"38" opens things up with some fast, punishing beats, twisted samples and harsh vocals-the whole thing sounds like a "Twitch" outtake, but in a good way. "We Shall Cleanse the World" and "Attack Ships on Fire" add some pretty fat bass to the sound, with the latter almost coming off as funky. The title track and "T.V. Mind" sound like Front 242 (warped samples, heavy beats and Euro synth lines), though the title track adds a slight tip of the hat to the then new Chicago House scene. 

"No Devotion" is probably the highpoint, as it hints heavily at where Ministry would go with the next album, with it's harsh, distorted vocals and Post-Punk inspired bass. As for the "Union Carbide" songs-the first one feels like filler, but the "Bhopal Version" is a pretty catchy slice of Electro-Industrial.

In a lot of ways, this isn't a groundbreaking record, as  it doesn't sound that different from where Al and Richard's respective projects were headed. It's still a lot of fun though, and worth a listen. Plus, it's one of Carl Craig's favorite albums!

Mencacing Industrial Dance...with a Sense of Humor, by LarryChrist (Feb 17 2013)

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