domingo, octubre 30, 2011

Esto lo estoy tocando mañana #18 - Instant Composers Pool (1971)


[...] This album is much more like the acclaimed Topography of the Lungs release from roughly the same era, and in fact that album's three participants are all on hand here: Derek Bailey playing electric guitar with a tone that will make listeners want to raid the fridge, Evan Parker demonstrating how to play frantically and subtly at the same time, and Han Bennink approximating a windstorm on percussion, all fairly well recorded for this period. Mengelberg is also more on the case than he often is in these types of settings -- he uses space, but does more than just sit back smoking and watching the others freaking out. Paul Rutherford is great on trombone, and so is the drummer's underrated brother Peter Bennink on both dangerously addled alto saxophone and preposterous bagpipe. [...]

Eugene Chadbourne

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lunes, octubre 24, 2011

Porque me siento rara vol.31 - Dirty Beaches

Rusty relics pulled from the depths, Dirty Beaches’ bruised beats chime like some deadened lullabies calling out from inside a canyon. Close to the desolate forest fluster of Arch M, Taiwan/Hawaii/Toronto/Montreal native Alex Zhang Hungtai’s coarse concrète samples are biting blocks, like some ‘gull sticking its beak in on Yellow Swans’ rotting carcass. Released via Fixture (Omon Ra, Postcards) Hungtai’s otherworldly follow-up to Old Blood, Horror, suitably picks away at the senses like a baby porpoise pining at you from an oil slick stricken shore.

(No Pain In Pop)